“It was just me, planting a root in my uprooted heart,” Wild, Cheryl Strayed.

My Experience

During certain periods of your life, you may feel the need to disconnect from your habits, your routine, your comfort, the people you love to reconnect with yourself. For me, my environment did not give me the space to feel and understand what I really wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to be and what inspired me deeply. I had to take a break, a real break. For the first time in a long time I was excited to do something for me, just for me: it was the perfect timing to take the plunge. So I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do but never allowed myself to do: TRAVEL ALONE. But not just anywhere: in the heart of the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains in France. Why there? Because this type of nature has always attracted me. The mountain environment makes me happy and fulfilled. All the problems in the depth of nature seem insignificant. During the eight days of this trip, I felt like I was part of this natural world: I was calm and at peace.

The benefits of nature

Nature allows us to experience a number of positive affects. More and more studies show that nature makes us healthier and happier. We experience more positive feelings and more satisfaction.

First of all, in the beauty of this environment, we can discover impressive landscapes impossible to see in the city. Nature also induces a feeling of freedom and makes it easier to focus on oneself. All you can hear in this context is the wind blowing, the birds singing, the insects walking, the rustling of leaves… The noise of cars or trains, people, TV, children that can parasitize the mind in the city, are no longer present in nature. We can focus on ourselves by concentrating on the new, natural and peaceful sounds of the mountains, the waves, or the sound of the wind through the trees. We experience nature with all our senses. Focusing on it allows one to meditate fully and be more connected to the world as a whole. It also allows us to be in touch with our own core values and interests: connecting with nature allows us to connect with our own nature.

Some tips

  • Choose a place that suits you
    Don’t choose a place because others liked it, trust your instinct, your feelings. Try to seize the opportunity to introspect and find what you really want. Read books, look at photographs, watch videos about places filled with nature that will inspire you and choose your favorite way to explore it!
  • Prepare yourself… but don’t plan everything!
    When you travel alone, mostly in the wilderness, you need to be prepared. In case you go camping or hiking alone, you need to tell someone, so that you are insured in case of an accident. Being away from your loved ones for a while does not necessarily mean that you have to cut off all contact with them. Checking in regularly can also help you recharge your batteries.
  • Don’t set any goals for the trip
    Whether or not this experience is enjoyable, you are still getting a new experience from which you can always take something positive. You don’t have to be absolutely relaxed and peaceful after your trip. Sometimes the bad helps you find the good. Maybe the things that were bothering you will come to the surface, maybe some buried emotions will resurface. But this time, you will face it with a calm and collected mind.
  • Allow yourself to share your experience
    You wanted to be detached, but when you return home, allow yourself to reconnect with people and share the positive things you learned on your trip. You will find meaning in sharing your experience.