What is it?

The Mindfulness Video Diary is a tool based on the diary method and the mindfulness approach, created to bring together all the best techniques for developing self-awareness. Indeed, the lack of awareness of our emotions, thoughts, behaviors and the link that unites them, freely opens the way to dysfunctional mechanisms to avoid suffering: addiction, anxiety, depression … and the list is still long! Deficient emotional regulation is the number one factor in mental suffering. Bringing these unconscious patterns to light is the first step in the process of change.

To do this, the advantages of keeping a paper diary have now been proven beyond any doubt. It allows a better knowledge of oneself and represents a real support, which helps to reduce the symptoms of many pathologies [1] [2]. However, studies have not yet shown what the audio-visual format can bring. While the field of personal development has pointed out that hearing our inner chatter out loud can be a very good way to become aware of it and thus clarify the overwhelming noise [3]. Also, clearing our throats of feelings that weigh down our minds and hearts empowers us personally! [4] By doing this, we train our brain not to be ashamed to express our emotions.
Moreover, since we spend most of our time on digital objects (especially us young people!): smartphone, computer, iPad [5]. So a video diary is by far the fastest and most convenient way to keep a regular diary. Camera on and off we go: we just have to start talking and let it all out!

Why a mindfulness approach? To guide us specifically towards a deeper sharing of our experiences [6]. Often when we talk about what happened or how we feel, we do so in a superficial way: “I was upset this morning because my teacher yelled at me for no reason, I’m really bad”. We are aware of what happened, but from a critical point of view. The mindfulness approach guides us to evaluate our experiences from the perspectives of acceptance and understanding.

The different steps can be :

  • FIRST ASK YOURSELF HOW YOU ARE FEELING DEEPLY AT THIS MOMENT. Do you have tension in your body? Is your breathing tight? Do you feel angry, sad, tired…? Just notice what is present now and say it out loud. (Don’t worry, you’ll get used to talking to yourself…)
  • ALLOW THE EMOTION TO BE PRESENT. It is perfectly normal to feel any emotion. It is only a signal that seeks to communicate with you.
  • TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY BEHIND THE EMOTION. Are you angry because you had a fight with a loved one? Are you feeling tension because you have an upcoming social event that makes you anxious? Speak out loud what you think is the source of these uncomfortable feelings. If you don’t know, that’s okay! Just say it.
  • EXPLORE THIS SITUATION FROM A WIDER PERSPECTIVE. Explore and ask yourself what positive things you can learn from what happened: “Maybe she talked to me that way because she’s going through a difficult time. She must certainly be scared and lost, which is certainly why she’s having a harder time weighing her words.” Instead of taking things personally, you can decide that you will benefit from this situation. “I’ll call her to see if she needs anything.”
  • REMEMBER THAT NOTHING THAT HAPPENED DEFINES YOU. People’s opinions are based only on their point of view, perceptions, beliefs and preferences. You do not live to be perfect, but only to learn, to grow, to evolve.
    All you need to keep a conscious video diary: a digital tool with a camera.
    TIP: Store all your videos in an album or file, so you can access and view them easily.