Many studies have shown that what helps us the most to maintain the lifestyle we want is HARMONY. The way we want to live our lives and the person we want to become must be consistent with the actions we take every day in all areas of our lives.
We cannot aspire to become a better person by practicing meditation, but at the same time continue to do comedies during our lunch break! We cannot be in total shape if we eat healthily but continue to smoke every day and get drunk every weekend!
Harmony is perhaps the most difficult aspect to maintain when we want to change, but it is certainly the secret to building a solid foundation for our lifestyle.
Because taking care of ourselves is a holistic matter. Our body influences our mind as much as our mind influences our body! Sports and nutrition are great. Taking care of your mind is also great. But combining the two will be 100 times more effective: because one empowers the other.


Every day of your life. Whether it’s the morning cigarette you give up or the gym session you force yourself to go to: every action counts. Do you know why? Big victories are really made up of small victories. Every time you resist temptation, you prove to yourself that you’re stronger than it, and in doing so, you give credit to your goals.
The good news is that over time, it becomes easier to resist because you feel that it is more empowering to say NO to things that actually work against you.


  • BALANCE: Never say never again! Studies have shown that when we say we will never do something again, the likelihood of doing it again is that much higher. You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite fast food joint or tell yourself you’ll never go to a nightclub again. Everything in life is a matter of balance: anything that doesn’t help you grow and feel good should not be a habit but only an occasional pleasure.
  • SACRIFICES: Don’t let your pleasures constantly guide you. Your brain will always influence you to choose immediate gratification like junk food or partying rather than putting effort into your long-term goals. They may cost you zero effort in the moment but they will greatly decrease your body’s energy and therefore, your productivity. Know that the temptation will ALWAYS be there: having fun in the moment is bound to be more appealing than working on your personal projects. You need to remind yourself over and over again that a healthy lifestyle is your priority. Sacrifice short-term fun for real long-term happiness.
  • LIMITS: To reduce temptation, avoid being surrounded by people who will not push you in the direction you want to go and instead will pull you away. Learn to say NO. This works for places and situations too! Never get stuck in a toxic environment that prevents you from growing.
  • RITUALS: Put reminders everywhere to make sure you don’t accidentally forget your morning run. They go a long way in helping us stay focused and not lose sight of our goals with excuses!