If you feel that you still haven’t found your passion, your purpose in life, and it makes you feel bad because at “your age” it’s not “normal”, then this article will probably help you.

Pressure to find our way

From a very young age, we have been asked the same question over and over again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Being just a curious and cute question as a child, it often becomes the terrifying question in high school that we would kindly avoid answering, especially if we still don’t know how. But really, has anyone ever guided us, shown us how to solve this riddle? Except, of course, the guidance counselor who makes us take a test that determines in which “category” our personality will be better suited to work.

Because, more than finding the job that could also be called our passion and enrich us, growing up is also about “finding yourself, who you really are”. Wow. What a mission! Can you imagine coming out of adolescence, reckless and foolhardy, thinking only of having fun and experimenting and suddenly having to deal with this pressure: determining and planning the rest of our lives. And everyone expects us to do it all at once?

Finish high school, go to college, finish school, start working, establish ourselves financially, get married, buy a house, have kids. And all of this without ever getting off track. It’s a great plan, even a “perfect plan”. But more seriously, can we finally be honest?

Sure, some people may discover their passion at a young age: singing, humanitarian work, entrepreneurship… Sometimes it’s just a given, we don’t need to try anything else. But for many others, it takes more time and it is quite normal!

“Because what we haven’t been told is that it takes PATHS to find YOUR way.”

Even though we have infinite possibilities today in terms of work choices, we are also exposed to a lot of societal pressure. Yes. WE HAVE TO MAKE MONEY. So, this race for money can easily reduce the call of our heart.

That’s why it’s important for you to remember that: experiences bring you closer and closer to who you really are and what you deeply desire in life! For example, when you tried that job at the grocery store, you may have realized that you hate working in that field, but you love the contact with people. Every time you try something, you build yourself up. Every time you fail at something, you are building yourself up. Every time you succeed at something, you are building yourself. Because the purpose of every path is to try to bring you always to the same destination: to find yourself and your purpose in life.

Confusion leads to clarification

One of my favorite quotes is: “Feeling stuck pushes you to be more creative. Because there is always a way out.” What is confusion? Doubt, unclear vision, fear. You don’t know where to go from here. The solution to confusion is clarification.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that!

  • TAKE A BREAK: Confusion also means too much mental activity. Turn down the noise in your mind. Isolate yourself, do nothing at all. We mistakenly believe that excessive thinking is necessary to find the best solutions. In reality, the answers come much faster in a calm and peaceful mind. When the sky is not cloudy, the vision is much clearer.
  • ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: What am I doing right now that is not in line with my values? Going out a bit too much, trying to solve other people’s problems? Try to understand and feel what makes you uncomfortable. It could be a job that makes you deny your values or a relationship that doesn’t suit you.
  • TRANSFORM WORDS INTO ACTION: Often we know what could be improved but we don’t dare activate the action mode. Whether it’s out of habit, fear, laziness or anything else: NO EXCUSE should be tolerated. Do whatever it takes to get out of this unpleasant state of mind. Move around, search, try, fail, keep searching, try again, and keep going until you don’t have to.
    The only thing that matters is that you continue to actively search for what lights that flame inside you. What makes you lose track of time while doing it. What never seems forced. What feels like a given.