The image we have of yoga is often a hippie doing an impossible posture or a fashionable lifestyle where being vegan, peace and love and communicating with nature are the key words. We hear about mantra, philosophy and suddenly we think “this is not for me”. But in reality, to practice yoga, you don’t have to be a certified yogini, super flexible and committed to having a Zen attitude forever. Everyone can find their own way to practice yoga. Because, apart from being an enjoyable sport, it hides many benefits for our physical and mental well-being! Let’s find out briefly why and how to start practicing.

Why do you want to practice yoga?

Yoga, like psychology, is a practice of self-discovery. The yogic philosophy is based on this fundamental principle: self-acceptance. Indeed, the events of our lives should be seen as changing weather, sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny. Moreover, it emphasizes that our difficult moments are not failures but lessons that allow us to discover our limits and to know how to overcome them. This is why yoga teaches self-regulation of emotions: to be able to let these emotions flow through your body without blocking or denying them. After all, emotions are only information that help us to know ourselves better and to understand what is going on inside us.

To understand the origin of yoga, we must go back to Hinduism, which was based on reincarnation. The cycle of reincarnation continues as long as the human being has not found the door to freedom. Yoga shows the way to reach this state, but it is up to the yogini to choose how he/she wants to practice, with which technique he/she feels most comfortable, among those that exist.

How does it work?

The goal is to learn the strengths and weaknesses of our body and mind by focusing on each movement, each breath, without judging ourselves. By getting in touch with our feelings and emotions, we develop a finer analysis of what is going on inside us, without judgement, thus developing our self-confidence. Gandhi said: “Strength does not come from physical ability, it comes from an invincible will”.

Where and when to practice?

One should never stop practicing yoga because of the hardness of the postures! Yoga can be practiced anywhere and at any time. You can start at home with Youtube videos if you want to start slowly, at your own pace. You can also take one or two classes to improve, and once you feel comfortable, you can practice anywhere: parks, beach, fields, anywhere, as long as you and your body are present! Once you get into it, it’s hard to stop, so much so that practicing this activity is beneficial. Combined with meditation, it allows a complete exploration of our mind.

Now it’s your turn to get zen, folks!

Garden studio – Sucy en brie (instagram account: gardenstudio): A studio with a wonderful teacher, who decided after a difficult pregnancy accident to become a yoga teacher. She puts everything she knows into her classes and practices with her heart. It’s not expensive and it’s really cool!

YogaPassion – 7 rue des cinq diamants Paris 13 : A beautiful place with great teachers


Yoga avec Ariane (edition DUNOD) : A youtuber who wrote a book in connection with her videos. Great for a first contact with yoga!


Yoga with Ariane, perfect for beginners. She has videos for all levels and for all types of practice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: