Introduce yourself

My name is Kevin Crensahw (aka The Heart Guy), I’m 25 years old, I’m a love coach and I live in Santa Monica, California.

How long have you been a love coach and what made you decide to do this job?

I’ve been an “official” love coach for a year and a half, but understanding human psychology when it comes to love and relationships has been my obsession for the past 7 years.

I became interested because of the pain my past relationships caused. My ex-fiancée cheated on me and dumped me and I almost killed myself… Then during the next two relationships I was cheated on. That’s when I started to love myself and was able to break the co-dependent patterns of my own love life. A few years later, I was able to help a friend save his marriage. That’s when I realized I was naturally good at it and started thinking about it seriously. So the summer of 2018 I decided to do it. Since then, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people through my online content, live events, and online courses to break negative patterns in their love lives.

Why did you choose to share your knowledge on Instagram?

I chose to share my knowledge on Instagram because that’s where people’s attention is most focused. But, in general, I chose to share my knowledge because I know the pain that heartache and lack of self-love can cause someone who loves love. I have changed my own life and I know that millions of people suffer the same way I do. I can help them, so I do.

Why do you call yourself “The Heart Guy”?

I call myself “The Heart Guy” because I help people heal and come back to their hearts. Healing from trauma, breaking through past conditioning, gaining control of their emotions and listening to their intuition. I don’t just tell people what to send to someone they love or how to set boundaries… All of this happens when you heal so that it does NOT happen in the first place. Most people know what they should do/say, I help them discover why they don’t follow their own advice.

These are matters of the heart, which has its own intelligence. I also know that the way people grow is changing and we need a new way of doing things… “Mindset” alone does not cause transformation. Life is an emotional game, so we need to learn to control our emotions and not just our thoughts. Because you can’t think you are happy, you feel it.

There’s a lot here, but basically I’m more than a relationship “coach”.

What are the messages you are most interested in spreading in the world?

The message I am most passionate about sharing with the world is to love, always and in every way. I’ve learned that many relationship and self-love issues are caused by the fact that we are often defensive out of fear and not really loving. We protect ourselves because of a past experience that we haven’t fully digested or learned from. When we understand the lesson behind it, forgive and become grateful for it, we become able to love ourselves and others with much more ease and passion.

To love always is to love even when it is hard or when you don’t feel like it. Loving in every way also means giving love to yourself and realizing that receiving love is as powerful as giving it. I’ve seen too many lives and relationships changed by this one engine, it’s crazy.

What do you think about the saying “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else”?

The saying “you have to love yourself before you love others” is so true. Some people think they love someone when they don’t really love themselves, but I think they confuse love with obsession, need or attention. We will easily fall in love “with the idea” of someone if we don’t have an idea of who we are. What most people refer to as “love” in the world is actually overindulgence. We use love, a relationship or another person to make us happy. False love promises happiness where true love begins with happiness.

Of course there are exceptions, but they are EXTREMELY rare. We all like to think that we are the exception because that is what is portrayed so strongly in Hollywood. And we believe in a movie version of love instead of our own desires and fantasies.

What is, in simple words, true love?

Love is TRUTH. Knowing your truth, speaking your truth, seeking your truth… And true love is then just a resonance of it. A love where you feel free to be fully and express and explore more of YOURSELF with that person.

What does a healthy relationship look like?

A healthy relationship is the union of two people who love each other and choose to give and be with the other person every second of every day. Relationships are about nurturing, overcoming challenges to learn, grow, evolve and create new definitions of life, self and love together. It’s not just about sex and someone to eat with.

What are your current projects and what do you want to do next?

Currently, I am working with my 1-1 clients and have a new group of people taking my online course to heal from trauma and have more inner peace. Also, I am in the early stages of writing 2 books, developing a new aesthetic for my brand, and developing a new dating app. I’m also getting ready to announce my next live event tour very soon!