One day, we are with family, with friends, time passes, we talk, we laugh, we are surrounded and happy. The next day, we are alone again, we count the days, we go back to work and to the routine metro-busy-sleep, it is the return of the vacations. It is the crisis physically and psychically. Difficulty getting up in the morning, sleepiness, fatigue, anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, motivation, irritability… The list is long. It is the spleen of modern times, the depression of the return of the vacations, the allergy to the routine.

“I am as sad as the day after a party.” – Alfred de Musset

Before leaving, we are bursting with energy, ready to get away for a few days to rest or on the contrary to discover new horizons and thus escape from the daily routine. This is the beginning of the permanent quest for pleasure and “to please oneself”, a welcome letting go, a voluntary distancing from pressure and chronic tension.

And while we should be recharging our batteries, we are often exhausted at the end, as if all the dynamics of the vacation had suddenly disappeared, leaving only the return, with all the stress that goes with it. It is a brutal change, a state of mind that often starts a few days before returning. Indeed, it becomes difficult to really enjoy the present moment without already thinking about the return. The very idea of returning makes us nervous.

Most researchers estimate that it takes three weeks to get back into our habits and automatisms, and thus find a rhythm that suits us. But there are a few tips that can help you get through this post-holiday phase more quickly, and thus face the return to work with confidence.

1- Get home a few days earlier

Arriving two or three days before the start of the school year allows you to empty your suitcase, put your things in their place, do your laundry… In short, settle in quietly and thus readjust more easily and gradually to active life. This also gives you time to do the shopping and to prepare your return to work, thus avoiding being overwhelmed by the imposed rhythm of the coming days. Finally, you avoid the nostalgic melancholy brought on by the vision of a half-unpacked suitcase when you come home in the evening. A good way to finally turn the page.

2- Prepare your return

There is nothing worse than coming home with an endless list of things to do, when all you want to do is have a little more fun before diving back into the stress of work. So, doing a little cleaning, tidying up or getting on with your work before your vacation is all you’ll have to do when you get home. Doing as much as you can before you leave allows you to escape with a light heart and come back with a smile on your face…

3- Go out, leave, blossom…

Yes, just because the vacations are over doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up at home, drown in work or stop living. There are certainly friends who are also back from vacation, so going out to see a movie, having a drink or a walk, telling each other about our adventures and dreaming of going back and showing pictures of our trip to relive the good memories, why not? Whatever the activity, the main thing is to have fun and see people, to avoid loneliness, the best friend of depression.

Finally, rather than waiting for the next vacation, get away for a weekend far from work, go for a hike, a trip to the mountains or the sea, visit a city or the family or resume your activities, a whim, a passion… The ultimate goal is to stay physically and psychologically active.

4- Organize the next vacation

Project yourself, make plans, set objectives, all methods to distract yourself and allow yourself to dream while remaining efficient and active. It is not a question of counting the days but simply of leaving the door open to other perspectives and thus freeing yourself for a while from the pressure of work.

5- Look on the bright side

Coming back from vacation also means getting back to your daily life, your business, going out with friends or colleagues, but also getting back to your intellectual and professional life, because as Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “Temperance and work are the best doctors for man”.

Finally, it’s not so bad to get back to your routine and your little habits, you’ll enjoy your next vacation even more!