La psychologie personnalisée pour les jeunes

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Booster sa productivité en trois étapes

Devenir plus productif passe par un apprentissage du respect de ses propres limites et de ses propres besoins dans le travail. Entre risques psychosociaux, qualité de vie au travail, stratégie de productivité et liens sociaux, c’est à travers des outils psychométriques (tests de personnalité) que nous abordons aujourd’hui cette thématique de psychologie du travail. Quelques …

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The art of procrastination: how to cure it?

The art of procrastination Are you similar to Oblomov, the character created in 1859 by the Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, who gave birth to the neologism “oblomovism”, designating a “total inertia resulting from an apathy towards everything that happens in the world”? According to Sebastian Dieguez (Cerveau & Psycho N°66), oblomovism, for philosophers and psychoanalysts, …

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How to learn to live with our anxiety : action, a fundamental therapeutic method

WHY? Whatever our background, one particular emotional experience is common to us all: anxiety. Whether it is expressed by physical manifestations (dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing…), whether it is accompanied by negative emotions (fear, sadness, anger…), whether it occurs occasionally or seems to persist over time, whether it acts consciously or unconsciously, there is perhaps no …