La psychologie personnalisée pour les jeunes

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Preventing a mental health crisis, co-authored with VS, mental health first aid instructor

“Any disappointment causes frustration, and if it is too intense, then it is difficult to deal with this emotional reaction, which can cause a freeze in the ability to think, analyse and be creative” – VS Preventing mental health disorders Often misunderstood and criticised, mental health disorders are however experienced by around 450 million people worldwide …

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Antifragility : when adversity makes you better

“Increscunt animi, virescit volere virtus” the spirit grows and strength is restored by the wound – outlined Nietzsche, in the 19th century. Others, such as Grigori Rasputin who, through the process of hormesis, became immune to cyanide by gradually taking large doses, experienced it during their lifetime.  This is antifragility.  This concept, almost straight up …