La psychologie personnalisée pour les jeunes

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Let’s Stop Daydreaming

Have you ever had the experience of being mentally zoned out and immediately returning to reality when someone called out your name? You then notice that you were staring at your spouse or a friend, and you are not sure if they are the one who really called out your name. You are unsure what …

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The Danger of Confirmation Bias in Society & Social Media

Have you ever made a hasty, confident decision that later proved to be a mistake? If you answered yes, you were most likely impacted by ‘Cognitive-Bias’. It is the tendency to make irrational decisions or actions without realizing it. Cognitive-Bias can be differentiated on several dimensions. In this article, we’ll examine one common dimension; ‘Confirmation-Bias’ and learn how …

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Cyberbullying: a mental health scourge

Bullying on social networks and online platforms, cyber harassment is a real scourge for mental health. You may have already heard about this form of harassment, which is becoming more and more widespread. Nevertheless, it is not said that we all know exactly what it is, who it affects, what its repercussions are… And above …

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Impact of Mergers & Acquisitions on Employee Mental Health

Mergers and acquisitions, generally called as ‘M&A’ is a broad phrase that refers to abundant sorts of economic and financial transactions that combine institutions, firms or assets. Businesses frequently reorganize and restructure through such consolidation methods to survive and succeed in a constantly shifting environment. Through M&A projects, firm boundaries are redrawn and internal work …