La psychologie personnalisée pour les jeunes

Di Paradise’s story

Di Paradise : your world, your paradise. 


Di Paradise is a french organization that aims to raise awareness on mental health for young people. We believe that in mental health care, one should be able to find the tools, support, activities that enable to experience peace and well-being, no matter what it is. Feeling good is the only requirement that one should take care of. 

Indeed, our belief impregnated from integrative psychology, is that there isn’t a method or technic that is better than another one, because as we are all unique, just as our stories, journey and struggles, what should make us feel good is also unique. 

One will be more at ease with a positive psychology method while one will rather have a psychoanalysis. 

One will experience complete freedom and disconnection while doing sport while another one will experience that through art.

One will prefer to spread his thoughts on paper while one will prefer to record a video. 

In short, as we live all differently though our world, we all have a different paradise. 


Since its foundation until July 2021, Di Paradise was proposing a free psychological support by volunteering psychologist in face to face or online on 8 to 10 sessions. 

Indeed, as we were aware of the limits that young people face towards accessing to mental health care, we wanted to propose a service completely flexible and free.

This project was possible thanks to these great women : Lou Adler (Head of marketing and communication) ; Sabrina Caron Merzouk (head of the psychological support) and Oceane Wadoux (co-president) and to fifty psychologist that volunteered for those young people. 

Here are some testimonies of the Di Paradise experience by the youth: 

  • “I have found a sense of well-being and calmness : Last year (in 2019) I discovered Di Paradise through an account share on Instagram. The concept really spoke to me because after going through a bereavement and believing I could get through it alone. I finally resigned myself to having a psychological follow-up, which lasted almost 1 year. I put an end to it because of the financial aspect. Finding myself with a great untreated malaise, I decided to contact the association Di Paradise. I was quickly put in contact with Sabrina, a volunteer psychologist. We were in contact by phone, at a fairly regular frequency by mutual agreement. After having explained to her and having found my problems together, we worked on them, notably with exercises, in addition to the listening and support that I received. Our exchanges lasted a few months. Since then, I have found a certain well-being and peace of mind.  A big thank you to Sabrina and to the whole team that manages all this. The financial aspect can slow down this psychological care, do not wait any longer, your health is the priority! “
  • “The Di Paradise experience saved my life: For me, the Di Paradise experience saved my life! Dina was invaluable in reaching out to me when I was at rock bottom. She gave me hope, helped me regain my self-confidence and it is her advice that on a daily basis, helps me get rid of this love addiction that I have been dealing with for years and that is eating away at me. She has been there for me every day, by message/telephone/visio and continues to check up on me. So a big THANK YOU to all your team for the work you do! “Young person accompanied by Di Paradise
  • “The association is a wonderful idea: I was welcomed and oriented very quickly and very well by the association. Oriane who followed me was very available and very professional. She was a great help and her approach was complementary to the one of the sexologist I was seeing in parallel for psychological after-effects linked to sexual violence. Oriane allowed me to realize several things that were important in my journey and my remission. She was very caring and kind. The association is a wonderful idea and I have recommended it to many young girls who are minors or have no resources and whose parents do not necessarily allow them to consult a therapist. Thank you for your work and your generosity!”  Young person accompanied by Di Paradise

We have had to discontinue this free service for a variety of reasons, but we still want to continue the fight to make mental health services accessible: new projects are underway.  

Today, Di Paradise desire to continue raising awareness on mental health through diverse content, though diverse channels and now through also the language of English to be able to access to more young people. Thanks to our news writers. Link trough the page of authors. 

We know that it is just the beginning in spreading this mantra : your world, your paradise. 

With love,

Dina Kassab, founder of Di Paradise