La psychologie personnalisée pour les jeunes

Podcast Di Talk

Only in French for the moment, English is coming soon !

Di Talk is the podcast of Di Paradise. Just like our web magazine and our Instagram page, its goal is to make you aware of the importance of mental health. Each episode, about 15 minutes long, with a new speaker, addresses a problem you might encounter and tries to give you the keys to overcome it. 

Faced with life’s difficulties, there is no universal solution but rather a multitude of solutions and it is up to you to discover which cocktail suits you best. That’s why, throughout the episodes, we will bring in professionals from all walks of life. 

Warning: if the intensity of the problem hinders your proper functioning, the advice shared in this podcast may not be sufficient; it will then be more appropriate to be accompanied by a health professional. 

See you soon, DP Family! And don’t forget, you are not alone 🙂