La psychologie personnalisée pour les jeunes



I’m Dina Kassab, founder of Di Paradise, and integrative clinical psychologist. Here are a few words about me if you want to know more about my background and what led me to create Di Paradise 🙂 

I was born in Paris in 1996 and have lived there all my life. Very quickly, I felt that psychology was my destiny. Understanding how people function, what they feel, and accompanying them on their way to a better life was a passion for me from a very young age. I have always felt that, even though our differences, there was something deeper and really similar that linked us all to each other. I quickly understood that this thing was our heart: the center of our humanity, our vitality, our joys and our sorrows. 

And that this heart, when it is not well, has an impact on our whole world. 

However, aware of our uniqueness, I always felt that what would ease our heart could not be similar. Why would it make sense to have the same magic potion for different ailments and different profiles?

This is why my approach to psychology is based on the premise that each human being is unique and therefore deserves a completely personalized service. 

I decided to train in integrative psychology, through the Master “Clinical Psychology and Integrative Psychopathology” at Paris Descartes in order to be able to be impregnated with different therapeutic approaches and methods (cognitive-behavioral, analytical, positive psychology) and thus to be able to meet the needs of the patient as much as possible (if of course we judge together that our relationship is a match!).

And because I love to help people achieve their professional and personal goals, I decided to train in the coaching method at the Scottish Heriot-Watt University, through the master Business Psychology and Coaching, at the Dubai campus to further enrich myself with the cultural mix in this environment. 

There was also this cause that was always close to my heart: building one’s identity and finding one’s path to fulfillment in adolescence. Indeed, the passage from childhood to adolescence is a critical period where we build the solid foundations of our identity and life mechanisms to forge ourselves as adults. For example, it can be very complicated to find one’s cultural identity when one grows up in a society that differs from one’s origins (this was my case!).

And it is not always easy to find the right direction alone, to succeed in relying on tools and people who will help us on this journey. 

Because mental health is not known by everyone, because mental health services are not easily accessible. 

It is for these reasons that I decided to create Di Paradise, to highlight the uniqueness and diversity so that everyone can understand that just as they can create their own world, they can create their own paradise.

With love,

Dina Kassab